January 9, 2013
Let me just preface that many of my posts this month well be interior design and retail design-centric. I sit here typing this in my kitchen (I'm not sure if you knew my "office" in my apartment is literally next to my refridgerator...but now you know!) and feeling quite sad about the move.

So to console myself I've been admiring photos of other people's lofts and daydreaming of how my own loft apartment will look.

I can't stand sterile looking lofts though. You know the type. Very minimalistic, very cold, hardly anything in it at all! I don't get the appeal. I also don't understand where all their crap must be hiding! Have they got a separate loft to house all their things? To me a home is cozy and lived in with lots of plants around (even if they're all half dead which is the case of my apartment), knit throws, pretty found little objects, and a faint scent of jasmine and vanilla in the air. I sound like I'm describing a grandmother's home, but I like all these cozy things to be in one of those stark white boxes. Aka "The Loft".

So my new loft doesn't have an amazing industrial kitchen (much to my sadness) and has *GASP* brown cupboards. *make puking sounds* I really hate these cupboards. BUT on a happier note my new place has a dishwasher!!! HOLY SCHNIKIES! The convenience if it all!

All images are from ADORED: Home Inspirations board on Pinterest! Some of them don't link to the original source unfortunately :(


  1. Love love love everything about this post.
    The decor is amazing.

    Follow one another? Let me know :D

    Kenneillia M.

  2. wow... beautiful selection!!
    I follow you!!


  3. Those pictures are amazing. I made my own bedroom/living room open space mine by adding a lot of warm colors, some eclectic pictures and my own little qwerky way of arranging my furniture. It make me happy now. Though I totally get the sob moment after moving!

    However, I have to say your shop looks amazing. And so, the move is, no doubt, a great step in this great adventure you are living. I am myself starting a little business, and I must say, I like to be in my kitchen writing blog posts or drawing, with my budgie Pico flying around.

    Best of luck!

  4. Love the wooden map/drawing drawer on the 3rd picture. Not seen many of these about...any ideas where to get one from?

  5. I think the pictures of your loft are amazing ,what you have done with the space is awesome.
    Great Job
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Love that island in the last photo! The wooden drawers provide the perfect warmth and contrast against the cold gray cement. Lovely post!!!!

  7. The first photo is a long time favorite of mine... Oh to have an amazing un-framed painting like that to cover my wall! Lovely blog, amazing taste!

  8. There's some great inspiration there. I know what you mean about wondering where people hide all their stuff!

  9. Oh these photos make me so happy. That first shot is one of my all-time faves but I also love the third and fourth photo to pieces! I had to save them, they're just too good not to. Great post!


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