June 11, 2011
Can I share a little secret? A few years ago I happened upon Apartment Therapy and made a little wish in my heart to someday grace the virtual pages of this most amazing website. And last week I received an email from an editor making my wish come true... did I squeal like a school girl who has a boy band crush into a pillow...absolutely! So, here is my little House Call feature on Apartment Therapy!

Rodellee AdoreVintage Apartment Therapy House Call

For the full post you can check it out here: Rodellee's Sunny Southern California Style House Call

Some of the comments asked about the Swan Lake mosaic in the bathroom, and seeing as a House Tour wasn't doable since we couldn't schedule the photographer to snap pictures of our apartment BEFORE it was all packed up... that picture won't be shown on Apartment Therapy...however... here is the craziest bathroom in Los Angeles in all its glory!

Rodellee Adorevintage Swan Lake Mosaic Bathroom

So when I said in the Apartment Therapy post... "Our bathroom never fails to make people gasp, I don't blame them, there is a mosaic of Swan Lake after all by the bathtub! I know it's weird to really like a bathroom, bathrooms never get featured, but I have to say, ours is pretty snazzy." - you can probably see why.

Images above snapped by my friend Melissa Santiago


  1. Love the bathroom! I want one like that :)
    Thank you for sharing :)

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  2. I love the all tile bathrooms and those colors are just gorgeous!

  3. That tile is nice, too bad I can't match my clothes much less put something like that together.

  4. How amazing!!! I love Apartment Therapy. Congrats on being featured.

  5. Oh, my god. I love those green wall tiles!


  6. hmmmm.........very interesting way of putting it

  7. I wish my room design is like this.:)

    maria[big suits for men]


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