November 19, 2011
Vintage 1920s Cloche Straw With Flowers
Vintage 1920s Straw Cloche Hat
I adore this vintage 1920s straw cloche hat so much, but sadly it's a bit too big for my head. Well, actually I'm not sure if it's too big, I know cloche hats were somewhat suppose to obstruct your view, weren't they? I love this particular one so much because it's just so sweet and innocent looking. You could wear it with a little vintage lace ecru dress and pretty Victorian inspired brown boots and be on your merry way to brunch at a cute cafe. - This vintage hat will be available soon in the "new" vintage shop.

Antique Vintage Edwardian Velvet Indigo Hat with Feathers
Vintage Edwardian Velvet Hat with Feather Detail
When I first spotted this antique Edwardian hat I immediately thought of the BBC show Downton Abbey. It's just so precious and the deep indigo purple color is so rich and highlighted with the peachy orange decor and the little feathers. I adore it! The back of it has a pinched detail, but sorry, I didn't photograph that yet. This vintage hat will be available soon!

Vintage 1940s Straw Cone Hat with Silken Flowers
Vintage 1940s Straw Cone Hat with Silken Flowers
I was so excited when I chanced upon this adorable vintage 1940s cone hat. It reminds me so much of hat designs by the fabulous milliner Sally Victor. The millinery flowers on this straw cone shaped hat are just so lovely and I love how muted the colors have become. A perfect little Autumn topper, don't you think?

Vintage 1940s red straw tilt hat with red flowers
Vintage 1940s Red Straw Floral Tilt Hat
Red is one of my favorite colors, but then again I like so very many colors. (Although grey, cream, and pale pink are probably my absolute favorites always). This vintage 1940s tilt hat would be so fabulous paired with "kiss-me-now" red lipstick. BTW, if you want to please read my article on how to choose the right red lipstick. I love the little red flowers circling the top. Wouldn't this look smashing atop glossy curls or 1940s victory rolls?

Vintage 1930s Stitched straw hat with velvet ribbon and white flowers
Vintage 1930s Spring Floppy Sheer Straw Hat
Oh goodness me, this vintage 1930s straw hat is probably one of my most favorite I've ever come across. It is so incredibly feminine and so glamorous all at the same time! The pale blue velvet ribbon is just that perfect shade of blue and don't even get my started on the clusters of white flowers and greenery! The best thing about this vintage hat is that the natural sun fading on it has made the color the most lovely pale pink, there's something so French country side about it, wouldn't you agree? I just have visions of this hat being worn with a Spring floral printed 1930s bias cut dress and driving through the countryside and having a picnic. I'll have to post this gorgeous fashion editorial I saw once (I think it was in Italian Vogue) and the clothes and hats were so beautiful!

All these vintage hats will soon be available in my vintage shop, but if you'd like to see other vintage hats I have for sale, please do visit them here.


  1. OMG the last hat is AMAAAAZING!!!
    i love love love love it.
    you are totally right is truly feminine

  2. This is really amazing! So nice! I like it a lot ***

  3. lord i do love a good hat. i wish more people wore hats as a daily thing.

  4. Love that last hat!! So pretty! Wish I wore hate more often..

  5. I love all of hats that's here give. This is unbelievable and nice creation. I am really happy to visit this nice post.I like to wearing a Vintage Edwardian Velvet Hat.



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