November 17, 2011
Lauren Bush and David Lauren Wedding shot by Norma Jean Roy for VOGUE

I love weddings, especially weddings that evoke that rustic vintage wedding feel. When I saw these gorgeous wedding photos of Lauren Bush and David Lauren posted on facebook since I started following Vogue, my heart did a little dance. The photo of Lauren Bush in the horse drawn carriage, oh goodness, how romantic! And the scenery... so beautiful! I wish there were more pictures from their wedding, maybe they'll turn up later on... but for now, here are a few wedding photos shot by Norma Jean Roy the couple shot with VOGUE aptly titled "Western Union".

Lauren Bush and David Lauren Wedding shot by Norma Jean Roy for VOGUE Lauren Bush and David Lauren Wedding shot by Norma Jean Roy for VOGUE

Lauren Bush described her wedding as "rustic elegance" which is so fitting! The couple were married at David Lauren's 17,000-acre Double RL ranch in Ridgway, Colorado. (Oh, in case you haven't figured it out by now, David Lauren is Ralph Lauren's son...)

Here are some snippets from about Lauren Bush's experience with her wedding dress custom made for her by Ralph Lauren.

Lauren's Wedding Dress: "It was like a dream come true. We sat together and arrived at this silhouette. It isn’t Victorian exactly. I wanted something modern as well, so there is the high-necked collar and puffed shoulders with the large open back.” Made of richly embellished fabrics, the dress’s top layer is featherweight tulle in antique ivory. Some 100 craftspeople spent more than 3,000 hours hand-embroidering the tulle with delicate motifs of small flowers and Renaissance-era scroll designs in ivory silk and metallic thread, Swarovski Elements crystals, and off-white pearl beads."

The Wedding Flowers: "Wild roses, lily of the valley, Queen Anne’s lace, and delicate gardenias."

Image Sources: Vogue


  1. What a beautiful picture of the couple. The photo is as if they were back in time like the 1800's. Love it!

  2. I love your blog - so much inspiration!

  3. wow! so beautiful! I hope my wedding is even a percent as beautiful as this one! Thanks for the post!

  4. Is her name going to be Lauren Lauren now? Her dress is just perfect, not to frou frou or too bedazzled.


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