November 20, 2011
This morning we ventured bright and early to the Long Beach Flea Market and unfortunately got rained heavily on. But, we did see a few of our booth regulars and was happy to run into the ever so sweet, Rose from The Tarnished Crown. She makes these lovely pillows with scented sachets of lavender. Mmmm.

So, since it poured down rain, we headed over to our favorite antique malls instead and met up with a friend traveling from Australia. The rain stopped for a bit and I got these little snaps of the garden area at Country Roads in Orange. It's such an inspiring antique mall and pretty close to a darling vintage shop, Elsewhere Vintage, where I've picked up a few vintage treasures. So, here we go, to the outfit snaps...

Vintage Outfit Rainy Sunday Antiquing Vintage Outfit Rainy Sunday Antiquing Vintage Outfit Rainy Sunday Antiquing
What I Wore:
Top: American Apparel over a vintage 1940s slip
Skirt: Vintage from Wasteland
Bag: Vintage
Trench Coat: Vintage
Straw Hat: Vintage, I love this hat. I lost it for awhile and it reappeared back in my life (it somehow ended up in the back of my storage closet!) and now we're best friends again!

I really love Sundays. (Saturday I'm almost always working on things for Adorevintage, then Monday it's back to the grind.) So, in Southern California, there is a flea market going on EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY of the month whether it be the Pasadena Rose Bowl (wayyy too expensive), Long Beach, Irvine, Fairfax Trading Post, or the Santa Monica needless to say, I'm at a flea market every Sunday. I can drop money on antiques like that, but today I was good. Well, mostly because rainy days don't really make me feel like carrying around a bunch of stuff, AND I'm determined to stick to a budget. *grumble grumble*

So if I'm not at a flea market on a Sunday I'm perusing some random Antique Mall... well lately I've been going to them a lot to get decorating inspirations... a couple quick pictures from Wertz Brothers Antiques on my visit on Saturday. I'll have to share more pictures of this amazing antique mall in a separate post, it's my second favorite place to shop for industrial, shabby chic, and French inspired finds.

Vintage Outfit Rainy Sunday Antiquing Vintage Outfit Rainy Sunday Antiquing

Photographs by moi. Feel free to share, but I would appreciate a link back ^_^.


  1. cute hat :) I wish to go to a flea market like that, such a fun day.
    take care

  2. Thanks Ruzu! The flea markets here are pretty fantastic but I dream of going to the ones in Paris!

  3. These pictures are so gorgeous! The background of the first view is just stunning - the differing colors of green look breathtaking! ^^

  4. U look so adorable AND comfy!

  5. That's such a cute outfit. I love your blog and shop. Just wanted to let you know, that I included your shop in a blog post of mine:

  6. Great photos!

    One thing that strikes me about collections of antiques is that there are so many stories there, an interesting story for each antique.

  7. Gorgeous! Every weekend we should dress fabulous and go vintage shopping :)

  8. cute outfit, and very lovely blog :)

  9. Beautify photo. I love it.

  10. What a lovely blog! So inspiring! Your outfit is lovely also, xx

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  12. Hmmm, gorgeous outfit!
    This skirt is amazing! Love her!

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