March 2, 2012
It's always around Spring time where I get the itch to change things around. While I quite like my vintage apartment, I just need something to change. But it's difficult to change a lot when you live in less than 500 square feet and every corner is already filled up with something.

I spotted this apartment over at Emma's Design Blog and was smitten! I love clean white spaces! I could never do an entire apartment like this personally as I really have to have some old bones somewhere and I can never get away from dried flowers (or flowers in general) and French Shabby Chic. But this apartment has definitely inspired me for my future Spring Cleaning of the apartment.

I don't exactly have gobs of cash to refurnish my entire apartment. However, I am thinking of changing up the color scheme a bit. Maybe switch out some accessories, change the bedding... oh no, I can't do that actually. Any time I try to branch out from white linens I quickly regret it and just go back to white and cream.

But perhaps there is nothing wrong with sticking to what you like... I just need to do some editing. Maybe purchase a couple new pieces. I definitely want a new dining table, different chairs perhaps. And get rid of my ridiculous zebra rug. You know, I really despise the rug, but when you live in such a small space, a rug really helps define areas in a studio so until I find a better replacement, it has to stay.

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  1. Oh my my. So lighty and spacy, no I'd love that! :)

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